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Always thinking of our clients

Taberna Calle Rompeculos has been part of the culinary community of Sigüenza for more than 31 years as a result of the experience in the famous Alameda Bar. Currently, we have moved to another neighborhood to offer a different cuisine in the heart of our city, Sigüenza. Our restaurant has been awarded with a Repsol Guide Sun.

We want to offer you the best ingredients, the best local product from our cuisine to enjoy our incredible atmosphere.

In our tasting menu you will find a great selection of dishes, all made at the moment by our talented chef and designed solely for you.

Thanks to our delicious combination of ingredients and local products, we are sure that you will love our dishes.

Taberna Calle Rompeculos is the best option to enjoy in Sigüenza, so don't hesitate to visit us today.

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